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Dopamine Dream gives us the permission to take what Jim Carrey calls a “deep rest” from the character we’ve been playing. Their edgy and innovative approach to music results in what they often playfully refer to as Gnome Rock: essentially the secret soundtrack that wakes the static garden gnomes and gets them to resume their mischievous frolicking throughout the forests where they belong. As described by one of Canada and Newfoundland's most treasured writers Michael Winter: 


"Dopamine Dream's music is full of tremolo and Jethro Tull and Devandra Banhart and Jesus Christ Superstar if sung by Bowie while Synchronicity by The Police was filtered through a mellotron." 


Peirson Ross is the main songwriter, guitarist and voice for the band. Jay Crafton aka Boy Wonder (Good Brothers progeny) is a multi-instrumentalist drummer and sound engineer pushing the boundaries in every sense of the word. His incredible versatility enables him to sing harmony while invoking the driving subtleties of Bonham, Baker and Ringo. On bass, Ben Bombier holds down the low end rhythm with Jay and also contributes guitar arrangements. Andrew Rucklidge aka Bobbe Ruck (Wurlitzer, B3 and synths) takes a painterly approach to sound design. Together they are Dopamine Dream.

"Unknown is an emotionally explosive triumph of the imagination over depression. Dopamine Dream's celebration of the minimalist pioneer life is not a mere regression or sentimental nostalgia, but a musical call for us all to battle our dark side by actively imagining a simpler life."

Madeline Roche - Mojo Magazine

“A superb band from Ontario”

Atom Heart Mutha - UK Rock Radio

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